Welcome to Travis Beste's corner of the world wide web. Of course, sometime in the near future I'm sure that it will be called something like the galaxy wide web. But, until that day - we will stick with www. As someone who has had a presence here since around 1993, I have alot of computer-related interests. Some are public, some are private. The interesting parts that I've tried to detail, are here on my personal website.

   I recently migrated off the content from my previous personal website tencorners.com (don't forget the 'www') in an effort to make my professional life a little bit more segmented and ... well more professional. So if your looking for articles that I've written, or pages that I've made, this is the place to find them.

  Of course if your looking for computer-based solutions - both hardware and software to your business and personal needs. Then browse over to tencorners and contact me there.

  Welcome, and enjoy.